Interface - The Stack

Opening the Stack view

To open the stack view:

  • In the admin bar at the top of the page, click on 'Stack', or
  • In the homepage, click the link next to the project title, or
  • Click on a card title in the primary sidebar

Click on image to view large sizeInterfaceFigure 1. Orson interface - Opening the Stack view

The Stack

Click on image to view large sizeInterfaceFigure 2. Orson interface - The Stack

Image key:

  1. Stack of open cards
  2. List of all cards

The Stack view is the main page for viewing and creating cards.

  • To add an existing card to the stack, simply click on its name in the card list.
  • Cards can be dragged around in the stack to reorder them. Click on the drag 'handle' at the top of the card to drag it.

Filtering cards

You can use filtering in the card list in the Cards sidebar tab, to add a filtered list of cards to the stack:

  1. Optionally remove all existing cards from the stack, using the 'Remove List Cards from Stack' control ( icon) in the Cards tab.
  2. Type your filter term above the list of cards
  3. Click on the 'Add List Cards to Stack' control ( icon) in the Cards tab to add the filtered cards to the stack.
  • To filter the list of cards using tags, click on one or more tag names in the Tags sidebar.

  • To quickly add all cards with a certain tag to the stack, click on the number next to the tag name in the Tags sidebar. The current stack contents will be replaced by all cards with that tag.

Expand/Compress cards

  • To toggle the cards view on the stack between expanded and compressed, click on the 'Compress/Uncompress Stack' () icon at the top of the Stack:

InterfaceFigure 3. Orson interface - The Stack with cards expanded