Cards are the basic unit of content in Orson. You might think of them as index cards in a filing system.

The text in cards is written in Markdownopen in new window. This is plain text with some built-in formatting options which allow you to display your content as HTML in web pages. All text content in Orson is written in Markdown. This makes it portable, readable and futureproof.

Add a card  video length: 34s

  1. Select the Cards tab in the primary sidebar
  2. Click on the plus sign icon
  3. The Stack view should open in the main window, if it's not already open
  4. Type to edit card title
  5. Click on the body text to edit the content of the card

The card toggles between plain text when editing and formatted view when you finish editing. You can click on the eye icon to preview the formatted content live as you write.


  • Saving is automatic
  • Press the keyboard ESC key to finish editing a field
  • Click on the card's pencil icon to access more edit options, including tags
  • Use the keyboard Tab key to move quickly from card title to card tags to card body