Desktop version

Orson can be installed as an app on your desktop or laptop computer. The functionality is the same as in the web version, though the app is designed primarily to be used by a single 'admin' user rather than a group of contributors.

Installer files are available from the downloads page.

Logging in

The password for logging in is: owner
The password will be updatable in a future version. If privacy is not a priority you can check the 'stay logged in' option on the login page.

Database and uploaded files

The Orson app writes an 'orson' folder to your computer containing a database file and a subfolder called 'uploads' for storing uploaded images. The standard location for this depends on your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux):

macOS~/Library/Application Support/orson

(The tilde symbol ~ is an alias for your macOS user folder, eg. /Users/janesmith/)

The Orson database is a file called orson_db.sqlite. It can be backed up like any other file.

In a future version, the location of the orson folder may be configurable to allow it to be saved to Dropbox or other cloud-synced services.