The Comparison context allows you to compare cards, contexts or pages in a side-by-side layout. There is a 'diff' feature which highlights differences between card or page texts using colour coding. It's also possible to compare revisions of cards and pages, including different revisions of a single resource.

How to use

Use the search option at the top of each column to add a resource to compare.

Once a resource is selected, there is an icon button at the top of the column to copy the resource to the opposite column. This is a quick way to set up a comparison between different revisions of a single card, for example.

Cards and pages show an option to choose a revision.


Click on the Comparison context's pencil icon to access its controls.


  • Diff view can be selected for either the left or right column but not both simultaneously.
  • The central column divider can be dragged to resize colums.
  • When comparing contexts you may wish to use the fullscreen option to give yourself more screen estate. Click on the context's pencil icon to access it.